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About rolling roof (Bioclimatic)

About rolling roof (Bioclimatic)

About rolling roof (Bioclimatic)




The bioclimatic system is type of automatic moving roofs which can be installed with zero slop consist of aluminium plats allowed to rotate by 120 degree to provide the needed ventilation then all the plats can be move backword if the fully opening needed. The bioclimatic system can be in three shape depending on the plats. The plats can be made fully of aluminium, aluminium with glass, or fully glass.

Ürün Özellikleri

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  • Stylish display
  • Complete customer satisfaction

Thanks to the folding movement of the panels, it does not lose its shading feature while ventilating from the roof. Even when the system is on, it provides ventilation without being affected by rain and snow thanks to its specially designed profiles.

Thanks to the folding movement of the panels, the external cleaning of the panels can be cleaned from the inside without having to go to the roof. It is colored with electrostatic oven paint; It can be applied in any desired color. It is long-lasting thanks to its electrostatic oven paint. Rolling Roof Systems are the best solution for places such as restaurants and cafes where smoking ban is applied.

How many days did the project take?
The project was delivered within 2 weeks.
Is there a guarantee?
We have a 1-year warranty after the delivery of work.

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