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Teknik Tente started its adventure in the Building and Manufacturing sector in Istanbul in 1998 and today it serves with a total of more than 2000 project experience.

It serves our valued customers with its basic services such as design, projecting, appropriate and economical material selection, solution of technical details, construction of productions, architects, engineers, designers and certified employees, each of whom are experts in their own fields.

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Technical Awning in the Aegean Turkey has beautiful touristic regions of our customers in the Aegean. In these regions, we have references as Teknik Tente.
Why you need to work with Teknik Tente? We have a professional team to provide the needed support for our customers also we have agency in Libya , and we...
What We Do
Pergola Systems
Pergola Systems Pergola SystemsWhen the word pergola is considered in terms of its origin, it appears as a word originating from Latin. It is derived from the word Pergule, which means fringe. Pergola means canopy in Italian. Pergola are systems that provide protection from external factors such as sun or...
Guillotine Systems
Guillotine Systems It is an alternative solution for restaurants, cafes, hotels and patisseries. – Optional glass number can be 2 or 3.– The windows move horizontally, up and down.– The system is driven by an engine. Button and controlled start can be given. Both are applicable.– 8-10 mm tempered glass...
About rolling roof (Bioclimatic)
About rolling roof (Bioclimatic)       The bioclimatic system is type of automatic moving roofs which can be installed with zero slop consist of aluminium plats allowed to rotate by 120 degree to provide the needed ventilation then all the plats can be move backword if the fully opening...
Glass Balcony Systems
Insulating Glass Sliding Systems This system is the Lux & Curtain System that we have produced in order to respond to the wishes of our valued customers in the best way. The purpose of the Lux & Curtain System, which is a perfect system suitable for the purpose of use...
Awning and Shading Systems
Awning and Shading Systems The folding awning system is a system produced for use in a wider area in winter gardens, hotels, restaurants, cafes and patisseries. No matter what the weather conditions are, rusting, cracking and any malfunction in its operation will not occur. It does not damage the architectural...
Automatic Glass and Ceiling Systems
Automatic Glass and Ceiling Systems Automatic Glass Ceiling System is a ceiling system that can be opened and closed with a remote control. The thermal insulation of the glasses saves you energy. It protects against cold and heat and also allows to benefit from daylight. You have the opportunity to...
Çınardere Mahallesi Ankara Caddesi Özçelik Sokak No 1634893 Pendik/İSTANBUL
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