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Insulating Glass Sliding Systems

Insulating Glass Sliding Systems

Insulating Glass Sliding Systems

Insulating Sliding Systems have been developed by taking into account the shortcomings of the heat insulated sliding systems currently in use and easy assembly techniques. You can choose the HEATING SLIDING SYSTEM in homes, restaurants and winter gardens. In the double glazed sliding series; Insulating glass and double-sided tempered glass provides more effective insulation, safety and consequently energy savings. Glasses increase the insulation performance with their various colors and features. All seasons make it easier for you to live in more comfortable and more insulated spaces. Tempered safety and security glasses should be used within the body of double glazing for both safety and as a precaution against breakage.

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Wing width can be applied between 40 – 100 cm.
System height should be maximum 260 cm.
Tempered glass dimensions are 4 + 9 + 4 17mm.

Tekno Rolling Roof.

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